Wrench Adjustable Strap Opener

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  • Sturdy Material: The belt is made of special materials and is not easy to break. Forged steel handle, anti-rust and long service life.
  • Portable and Folding: The wrench is portable. The belt folds and shrinks freely.
  • Large Bearing Capacity: Can withstand more than 100kg pressure, more durable; designed with anti-slip spiral burrs, more convenient for your use.
  • Scope of Application: It can be used for pipe installation, oil grid replacement, etc.
  • Wide Applications: Cars, tractors, oil filters, glue joints, shower heads, fuel filters, can openers, pvc joints, bottles, faucets, water filters, sinks, faucets, etc.
  • Tightly bite, prevent slipping, do not hurt the oil grid,Light weight, easy to use, long life, not affected by the shape of the item, can be wrapped in a variety of sizes, bottle replacement filter.


  • Full length: 212 (mm).
  • Maximum opening: 16 (mm).
  • Surface treatment: spray.
  • Material: High carbon steel.
  • Weight: 270 (g).
  • Series: 8-inch anti-skid machine filter wrench, 12-inch anti-skid machine filter wrench. belt wrench (blue).
  • Handle length 212mm.
  • Belt length 460mm.
  • Belt width 20mm.

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