Wound Reduction Bandage [3 stickers per sheet]

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About This Item:

  • Advanced Technology: Scar Removal Sheets are professionally developed to deliver the highest performance scar removal. To improve the color, size, texture, and overall appearance of hypertrophic scars often resulting from surgery, injury, burns, acne, c-section and more.
  • Mimics Natural Barrier Function of Skin: Silicone Scar Strips are light skin color sticker. It is a type to paste and hideUnlike the wristbands and supporters, the scar sheets have little visibility. So they can be hidden in a natural way. Even wearing a short sleeve in summer will not notice anyone.
  • Good Waterproof and Sweat Resistant: Gel Scar Repair Treatment does not take time to finish unlike makeup.There is no need to worry about rubbing foundations or color transfer on a foundation or concealer.Each sheet is washable with proper cleaning and maintenance.
  • Long-lasting and Safe: These silicone adhesive strips odorless, harmless, non-toxic and effectively protect against ultraviolet radiation. Flexible and breathable design provides ventilated comfort and skin-friendly. Soft wound closure tapes improve the appearance of scar tissue. Most importantly, they're safe for fragile skin.


  • Product Name: Zipper-style suture patch, wound closure patch, wound reduction bandage [3 patches per sheet]
  • Material: breathable non-woven fabric
  • Size: 67*20mm
  • Packing: single blank bag
  • Scope of application: suitable for the closed treatment of wounds on the human skin
  • Advantages: non-woven fabric design is breathable and skin-friendly, not stuffy. It is a new type of surface suture patch applied to the skin's own tension and non-invasive suture of the skin surface. It has the advantages of non-traumatic scar and beautiful healing. Subverting the traditional stitching method, it is suitable for skin closure of surgical wounds on the body surface. Its non-traumatic and needle-free characteristics make the wound heal better.









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