Women Arm Shaping Elastic Sleeves

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About This Item:

  • Use spiral pressure to easily get rid of the butterfly sleeve, virtually will have arm slimming feeling by the spiral curve.
  • The moment you put it on, you can feel being imperfectly shaped by the spiral curve. You can experience the wonderful feeling of quickly tightening the muscles of your arms and drawing the perfect curve of your arms.
  • Strong-stress knitting tightens the muscles of the arms; unique pressure weave design tightens the arms proud flesh; concave and convex weave pattern, use the body rhythm when walking, for the wearing parts of a stage massage, to achieve the heat decoding effect, put it on, you can easily get rid of the butterfly sleeve.
  • Fat Reduction: Help to reduce unwanted arm flab while providing a smoothing and compressive effect. The wrap can be subtly worn underneath regular clothes, where it works undercover to help improve posture and massage the arms and may even result in weight loss over time.


  • Material: Acrylic
  • Color: Black, Natural


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