Wireless HD Multi-Function Visual Ear Spoon

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  • Fast visual WiFi connection. The earplug can be opened without connection. Use optical lens and high performance 300W pixels. CMOS sensor has clear image, 20x magnification of ear canal and 55 ° viewing angle. 13 lens combinations and 6 LED lights. IP67 waterproof mirror. Washable. Adapt to dry ear, ear oil and other complex environment.
  • The 3-axis intelligent directional gyroscope can position quickly, and the screen has no deflection and jitter. High end ov video coding chip technology, hand eye synchronization wonderful collection! Powerful WiFi signal, strong penetration, avoid delay.
  • It's not just security. Earplug type head buckle, earplug type heat preservation, automatic shutdown time, child lock protection and frost crack prevention. Intelligent constant temperature control. Prevent hypothermia and ear burns. Otoscope: 25 ° C non inductive temperature.
  • The temperature of palm was 32 ° C. It lasts a long time. Built in 250mah large capacity battery. The collection takes 10 minutes once a week and can be used for about 30 days.
  • Otitis media and other diseases of the ear can be safely harvested. Children over 3 years old must be accompanied by an adult.


The package includes:

1 body and 2 accessories

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