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TIRED OF TRADITIONAL MOUSE PADS? THIS MULTI-PURPOSE HIGH-TECH PRO MOUSE PAD SUPPORTING QI WIRELESS CHARGING & OTHER USES! It features an embedded pattern that helps optimize beam detection for definitive mouse pointer location and minimized cursor fade or jitter. Its low-friction surface provides smooth movement for comfortable, long use with less effort. This mouse pad features 20 cm ruler on your left-handed side to be kept on a desk to help in measuring and drawing. With a non-Slip Rubber Under-surface firmly grips the desktop. And a soft, upper finish comfortable for wrists and hands. Compatible with ALL Smartphones with wireless charging function (iPhone, Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei etc



High-precision product fabric for more precise operation of the mouse
Beautiful charging logo, reminder charging location
Natural rubber bottom with anti-slip mesh at the bottom
Close car line, exquisite workmanship, quality at a glance

Product parameters: new rubber mouse pad
Input: 5 v2a / 9V1.67A
Output: 5 v1a / 5V2A
Power conversion: 80%
power:5W / 10W
Charging distance: 3-6mm
Material: PU+ rubber
Product size: width 30* height 22*0.65cm
Product color: black blue gray rose gold

Package Content:
1x mouse pad
1x charging cable


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