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Aerating wine, "letting your wine breathe" is proven to make your wine taste better! Air enters the wine bottle, opens up the fruits aroma & removes the sulphur taste & smell. This works well for all types of wine, red or white, discount or premium wine. 

Do you want to bring the best taste & aroma out of your wine with quick aeration? With this Electric Wine Aerator, you can turn the wine bottle into a tap & aerate the wine in seconds!  Just place it on top of your wine bottle, set your wine glass below it & you are ready to use it with a push of a button.

Amazing Benefits of Electric Wine Aerator:
- Fast Aeration in seconds! Aerate your wine without having to wait as long as with a decanter. 
- Running the wine bottle like a tap
- No spillage of wine 
- Leaves sediment at the bottom of the bottle

This Electric Wine Aerator is attached with two straws of different lengths & this ensures that it works on all types of wine bottles & the sediment will remain at the bottom of the glass.   

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