Wear string artifact

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About This Item:

  • Durable and reusable skewer tools suitable for parties and picnics. Make your BBQ working easier and quicker. This Meat Skewers Machine is a perfect barbecue tool. It's efficient and doesn't hurt your hands. Application scenario: It is very suitable for home and outdoor barbecue, and is a necessary product for barbecue lovers everywhere.
  • Stable structure, strong, and durable materials. Food grade PP material, material safety, rest assured.

  • One machine can be used for multiple purposes, can wear three types of skewers. ordinary meat skewers, vegetable rolls, sausages, etc. One machine is equivalent to several machines,
  1. Slice: Kelp, gluten, meat skin, bean skin, and other thin skewers;
  2. Kebab: Small skewers, large skewers can be worn;
  3. Vegetable rolls: Meat rolls, sausages, etc...
  • General-purpose tagging holes, round, flat, steel braided bamboo sticks within 5mm diameter can be used. Double wolf teeth design, upper and lower wolf teeth design to ensure the stringing process The medium meat does not slip out. V-shaped alveolar design, small pieces of meat will be automatically collected in the middle, easy to make small skewers.

  • Portable and practical, full of functions, which can quickly make kebabs, vegetables, bean products, etc. It can wear cubes, thin slices, wavy rolls, will not damage the meat quality, easy to use, and clean.

  • Material: Environmental protection pp.
  • Function: Wear string.
  • Package Size: 200 x 150 x 50 mm.

Package Include:

  • Wear string artifact

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