Waterproof Cloth Repair Stickers

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  • You can get colorful patch stickers for your different colors of backpacks and umbrellas; you can also get a graphic shape sticker to cut the pattern you want.
  • Material: waterproof nylon fabric, stains stickers with waterproof function, soft material, very durable, even in the long-term outdoor exposure will not fade, loopholes.
  • Self-Adhesive Type: There is adhesive on the back of the patch. Just peel off the patch and stick it on your clothes. It is firmly connected and the patch is as simple as a transparent glue.
  • Wide range of applications: Suitable for smooth nylon, polyester, PVC, TPU and other materials, such as jackets, down jackets, umbrellas, canvas.


  • Material: Waterproof nylon
  • Scope of application: clothing
  • Pattern: cartoon pattern
  • Shape: Cartoon
  • Item: Down jacket patch
  • Size: 10*15cm
  • Features: handmade, environmentally friendly DIY
  • Suitable for: clothes/down jackets/tents/raincoats/umbrellas etc.
    Process: self-adhesive

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