Water Saving Sensor Faucet

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About This Item:

  • Water Saving, Environmental Protection: Air injection technique makes the water spray soft and delicate, and reduce the ineffective usage of water flow reaches to 0.07L/S. IPX6 Waterproof.
  • Dual Induction, Two Modes; Touch Pollution Reducing : Two groups of 0.25 second quick induction area, two water outlet modes. Bottom sensor for instant mode, sold sensor for storage mode. You can wash your hands without touching the faucet.
  • Overflow Protection: Built-in storage capacitance, which can timely close the valve to prevent water from flowing out even if the device is power off.
  • Super Long Endurance: Only takes 3 hours to charge it full with USB charging, but can be used for about 6 months. It lights up to remind you to charge when the power is low. 
  • 6 choices of adapters: Suitable for mainstream faucets in the market. Easy to assemble and disassemble..


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