Upside Down Sky Planter

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About This Item:

  • Unique design - Can be turned upside down, saves space, cleans the air and improves the indoor climate.
  • Environmentally friendly materials - Made from recycled plastic bottles, solid and durable, breathable, not easily deformable, inner pot is ceramic.

  • Internal water supply - An irrigation system that delivers water directly to the roots of plants while the evaporated water is absorbed by the roots upwards, the plants are secured by a closing collar on the bottom, which prevents evaporation and dripping.
  • Green buoy - Ceramic plate on the upper part of the reservoir absorbs moisture, absorbs moisture above the reservoir, when the buoy of the water level drops, it means time to pour.
  • Widely used - This upside down plant flower pot is ideal for families, offices and even outdoors, for balconies, vegetable gardens, green projects, home decorations, home gardens.

  • It has a unique built-in water storage system to supply water for the roots of plants. While saving water and absorbing harmful gases, it can also make room for display, saving space, saving water, purifying air and improving health.
  • It is suggested to plant plants that can grow all the year round, such as jasper, Ruyi, Anthurium andraeanum, green spirit and fortune tree lamp, which will look better after a long time.


  • Package Size: About 10 * 10 * 14.5cm
  • Material: Rice plastic
  • Color: Pink, Black, White, Blue
  • Size: Height 13 (CM), bottom diameter / caliber 9.5 (CM), 70cm wire rope × 1




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