Invisible Liquid Screen Protector

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About This Item:

  • It's a kind of transparent solution with low viscosity.
  • It doesn't affect the appearance of the base materials.
  • It can adhere to the surfaces of glass, plastic and metal oxide well.
  • A transparent nano layer film will be formed after the product gets solidified.
  • It creates excellent and long lasting scratch resistance on the surfaces.
  • It forms a surface with low coefficient of friction.
  • Suitable for all kinds of screens such as smartphones,laptops,smartwatches,      camera lens,tablets,glasses etc, Especially for curved phone screens.


      • Material: Other
      • Color: Transparent Blue
      • Volume: 2ml
      • Applicable Screen: General
      • Film Thickness: 2~6nm (primer 0.1μ)
      • Film Hardness(on glass): Minimum 9H
      • Durable Time: More than 5000 times
      • Process: Machining
      • Film Type: Whole body membrane
      • Film Features: Automatic repair, mirror, anti-fingerprint, high-definition, scratch-resistant, hydrophobic sterilization, anti-fouling and self-cleaning.

        Usage Steps:

        • Please use the cloth in the package to clean the screen first.
        • Cover the phone screen by the liquid evenly and wait around 5 minutes for the liquid dry (do not drop any water or make the fingerprint during this time).
        • After full dry,use the left liquid to repeat step 2 to clean the screen again and wait around 10 minutes to use the cloth to clean the screen.
        • After full dry by the step 3,use the left liquid to clean the screen once again by 3rd times.
        • After all,please wait 30-45 minutes,use the cloth to clean the screen last time,then ready to use.

        Package Included:

        • 1 x Liquid Screen Protector

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