Universal Car HUD Projector

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  • Drive safely, keep your eyes forward, no need to look down at the dashboard while driving.
  • Nanotechnology eliminates double reflection and makes it clearer.

  • Simple, just connect the HUD to the car OBD port via the OBD cable, and the HUD will display when the car engine is turned on/off.
  • Overtime driving alarm, low pressure alarm, overspeed alarm, high temperature alarm, engine failure alarm.
  • KMH and MPH can be switched freely.
  • Applicable to: OBD II standard cars (after 2007) (cannot use diesel cars, pure electric cars, hybrid cars).

  • Installation location: on the center console.
  • Connection: Connect to the car OBD port.
  • Display information: speed, rpm, water temperature, voltage, single driving distance, low voltage warning, high water temperature warning, speeding warning, in kilometers and miles.
  • Multi-color design makes the screen clearer and easier to read.
  • 5-level brightness adjustment, automatic and manual brightness adjustment modes

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