Ultra-thin Portable Magnifier

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  • Credit card style, with white LED light.
    Convenient to use anywhere, great for reading in bad situations.
    Ideal for reading assistance in low-light conditions.
  • The product needs to be enlarged for long-term observation. The effect is particularly obvious. It is worn on the head and does not need to be observed with a magnifying glass.
  • Inspection, processing, installation and repair of various operations in the electronics industry.

  • Facial skin, pore observation, manicure, ear picking, etc. in the beauty industry.
  • Sculpture and appreciation of artworks.
  • Inspection and repair of cameras, clocks, etc.
  • It is usually used by people when reading, especially suitable for reading in the dim light for the elderly and students.



  • Product material: ABS frame, acrylic lens.
  • Product weight: 46 grams 9 (including packaging).
  • Product size: 89*57*9mm.
  • Product magnification: 3 times (large lens), 6 times (small lens).
  • Lens diameter: 45*45mm (large lens), 20mm (small lens).

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