Triangle Drill Bit

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  •  It has strong toughness and wear resistance.
  •  Incision resistance are small, increase the opening speed, long service life.
  •  Industrial grade Coated Carbide Point with 4 Cutting edges.
  •  Can be installed in the hand drill, electric drill.
  •  Suitable for Ceramics, granite, tiles, stone, wood, plastic,concrete wall to   drilling hole.


  • Material: Metal.
  • Model: 3mm (two packs), 4mm (two packs), 5mm (two packs), 6mm (two packs), 8mm (two packs), 10mm (two packs), 12mm (two packs).

Size information:

Specification Total length of drill Working length Drill diameter Shank diameter
3mm 73mm 38mm 3mm 6.35mm
4mm 74mm 39mm 4mm 6.35mm
5mm 75mm 40mm 5mm 6.35mm
6mm 76mm 41mm 6mm 6.35mm
8mm 78mm 43mm 8mm 6.35mm
10mm 82mm 55mm 10mm 6.35mm
12mm 95mm 68mm 12mm 6.35mm

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