Thread Repair Tool Set

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  • Perfect for restoring damaged wires, suitable for repairing engine and other automotive vehicles.
  • Applications for steel, cast iron and aluminum. Can be used in daily repair, auto repair, drill, etc.
  • Made up of stainless steel material, good corrosion resistance.
  • 7 different sizes of sleeve screw meet your different needs.
  • Wear resistant, used for frequent disassembly, it can greatly improve the life of thread.
  • It can make the load on the thread  is more even, eliminate the screw and screw hole deviation between the pitch and tooth type.
  • Strengthen the connection force and improve the connection condition, avoid slipping wire, incorrect tooth phenomenon, and obtain excellent connection performance.


  • Type: wire repair tool
  • Material: High speed steel
  • Model:
  • M3 * 0.5 2.0D (20 for a group), M4 * 0.722.0d (20 groups), M4 * 0.722.0d (20 groups), M5 * 0.822.0d (20 groups), M5 * 0.8 2.0D (20 groups), M6 * 1.02.0d (20 groups), M7 * 1.01.5d (20 groups), M8 * 1.252.0d (20 groups), M14 * 2.0D (10 groups), M14 * 2.0D (10), m11.52.0d (10), M12 * 1.752.0d, M12 * 1.752.0d, 1.752.0d, bolt m12.752.0d, 1.752.0d, 1.752.0d, 1.752.(group of 10).

M3.M4.M5.M6.M7.M8 20pcs

M14.M10.M12   10PCS

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