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About This Item:

  • Unique hand-held design to avoid the shackles on the hands and clothes during hair dyeing. It is more convenient and comfortable to use. It makes it easy for you to enjoy the beauty and happiness brought by temporary hair dye products.
  • With the combing function, it solves the problem of uneven coloring, easy agglomeration and injury of common hair dye products on the market. Uniform deep solid coloring reduces damage to your hair and makes your hair more supple during hair dyeing.

  • Water-soluble hair cream, green and environmentally friendly, FDA-approved, bright colors, 6 colors to choose from, easy to color, easy to clean, no wet hair, light comb to color.


  • Hair Color Type: Temporary hair dye
  • Applicable Hair: General
  • Efficacy: Dyed Hair
  • Color: Purple, Green, Rose, Blue, Orange, Pink.
  • Package Content:
    1 x Hair Color Chalk

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