Stainless Steel Hinge Fixing Plate

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About This Item:

  • Cabinet Hinge Repair Plate: Made Of Stainless Steel, Fix the hinged stainless steel door panels together, and then convert the original fixed stress point into a stressed surface, to be more firm.
  • Solve These Problems Effectively: The kitchen work cabinet is eroded by moisture, frequently switched on and off, or the quality of its own materials, etc., which lead to problems such as the hinges cannot be firmly fixed, tripped, and cannot be installed.
  • Easy to Install: Package come with Stainless screws, just use screwdriver or electric drill to fix the bracket in a breeze. Adopting hinge board technology, both door, and side panels can be used.
  • Durable Use : Strong durable design and classic finish make these interior door hinges a long lasting, distinguished addition to any home.
  • Wide Application: These Flat Mending Brackets Are Widely Used for Furniture Fixation, Serve As a Flat Connected, Perfect for Fastening Wooden Sofa, Wooden Table, Chair, Wooden Bed, Shelf, Furniture, Etc.


  • Type: Ordinary square hinge
  • Material: Stainless steel

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Furniture accessories*1

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