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About This Item:

  • Portable Hand Truck Stainless Steel Folding Luggage Shopping Cart Lightweight Compact Trolley with Elastic Hook Rope for Travel

  • Small And Convenient: The material is light and easy to carry. The telescopic rod design can be folded and stored without taking up space. Very suitable for use at home or in the car (recommended to use and level the road). 

  • Rugged And Durable: The aluminum alloy bracket is very strong, and the rubber tires have a slight shock absorption effect. After the load test, it can weigh up to 80 LBS. Suitable for carrying all kinds of boxes and other items.
  • The Details Are Perfect: the drawbar shrinks smoothly and is not easy to get stuck. The wheels and bearings move smoothly, and the flat ground is unobstructed. Rubber tires will not generate a lot of noise during transportation. The elastic hook rope assists in fixing the transported items.
  • Beautiful Appearance: Beautiful colors and good visual effects. The oval-shaped tie rod is beautifully designed and the aluminum bracket is delicately processed. The body is riveted smoothly, fast and convenient. >>>Simple Operation: Just press and hold the button to pull out the telescopic rod, and then display the bottom plate to use. The operation is simple and fast, allowing you to use it lightly and effortlessly. It is a good tool for convenient storage and transportation.



  • Can It Be Folded: Yes

Product Packaging:
Mini folding bike

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