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  • The new mobile phone screen magnifier adopts a split creative design. The magnifier lens and mobile phone holder can be separated and used, and can be folded, which greatly reduces the size and is very portable.
  • High-definition screen: new curved surface mobile phone screen amplifier, large- high-definition zoom screen, reducing radiation.
  • Zoom in 3-4 times: 1:1 clear picture to enlarge 3 to 4 times. The second became a "private cinema."
  • Protect the cervical spine: free hands. Adjust the angle of view and pay attention to the health of the cervical spine.
  • To prevent slipping: can effectively prevent the phone from slipping.
  • Detachable mobile phone holder amplifier, can be used as a mobile phone holder alone or as a mobile phone screen amplifier.
  • The angle of the screen magnifier can be adjusted at will, and the angle of the phone holder can also be adjusted at will.
  • The use of the latest anti-blue lens greatly improves the screen clarity, allowing users to get better visual enjoyment!


1. Put the product on the table

2. The tail end of the board flips and unfolds down

3. Insert the end plug of the product into the bracket jack

4. Adjust the angle of the lens and bracket to start using


  • Screen size: 12 inches (25*14CM)
  • Amplifier size: 25.5X 16.3X2.2CM
  • Bracket size: 12.8X8.4X2CM
  • Material: Acrylic lens + ABS shell
  • Color: Black
  • Product Net Weight: 235 grams (including packaging 300 grams)
  • Packing box size: 26.5X17X3.2CM

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