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About This Item:

After years of upsizing, what happens when smartphones try to shrink? Is it possible to put the most important features into a device the size of a pen? We challenged ourselves to create something unique, compact and powerful, something that can help you every day.

So, after dedicating over a year on the prototype, we present to you, the Zanco S-Pen (Short for Zanco Smart Pen below), a powerful combination of phone, Bluetooth headset, stylus pen, voice recorder, laser pointer, and much more. It is not expected or intended to replace your Smartphone, but in fact, it can be your smartphone’s best buddy!

ZANCO Smart Pen World Thinnest Mobile Pen Phone Dual Camera 3.0 Bluetooth

Stylus Pen, Voice Changer

  • It will only connect in 2G Network can't support to 3G and 4G phones
  • A handy multi-feature phone
  • A pen-sized phone with daily essential functions, such as calling, messaging, camera, mp3, mp4, and more...
  • A handy multi-feature phone 
  • A pen-sized phone with daily essential functions, such as calling, messaging, camera, mp3, mp4, and more...
  • A Pen-size tiny phone  
  • ZANCO S-Pen is the ultimate compact backup phone for travel, outdoor activities and emergency situations. Take it with you as a supplement to your primary smartphone. 
  • Modern life with less distractions
  • Most of us spend the day constantly checking email, social media, perhaps the latest news. The truth is, we look at our smartphones way too much! Zanco S-Pen can help break that cycle, letting you concentrate and focus on things that really matter.
  • Perfect for the office : Zanco S-Pen, also functions as a stylus pen which is compatible with all devices, making it an accurate and comfortable method for writing or drawing. Use it to quickly take notes or do graphic design. 
  • Dependable voice recorder: Provides a simple way to record your important meetings or lectures for accurate notes that you can review anytime. With S-Pen, you won’t miss a thing!
  • Pointer precision: When used as a laser pen, it makes a convenient companion for meetings and is essential as a professional tool to support your important presentations.

Other Features

  • With dual cameras (front and back), S-Pen is great for capturing spontaneous moments, a quick selfie, or for times when using a larger camera is unnecessary.

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