Skin Wound Reduction Sticking And Stretching Band-aid

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About This Item:
  • Use: It can be tightened using four adjustable closures on top, allowing you to tighten its hold until the wound is properly closed.
  • Stitch less: Less painful in recovery and peel-off process while also being less prone to scarring.
  • Strong and secure: 8 times stronger than sutures, protects the wound while keeping it securely closed, even during joint flexion.
  • Portable: Small and flat, allowing you to keep multiple units nearby, ready to be pulled out as soon as somebody needs to be treated.
  • Efficient: Faster than sutures, which may decrease healthcare costs and improve hospital efficiency.


  • Size: 6x5cm
  • Net content: 1 piece/bag 2 bags/box
  • Shelf life: three years
  • Scope of application: Used to provide binding force on wound dressings or limbs

Packing list
Band-aid x1 box


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