Sewage Separation Mop

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  • Double water tanks separate clean water and sewage very clearly to avoid secondary pollution.
  • Centrifugal drying cleaning, washing and drying in one. 

  • Microfiber mop, widening and thickening, powerful decontamination. 
  • The whole house is clean and easy to deal with various floors. 
  • Not only can wipe the floor, but also disinfect and sterilize more easily, making the family living environment more comfortable. 

  • 360° universal joint shaft is flexible and clean, which can eliminate dead angles. 
  • Telescopic mop rod, no need to worry about cleaning at height. 
  • Sturdy material, compact body, durable and easy to store.


  • Product Category: Mop and Mop Bucket Set
  • Mop type: Rotating mop
  • Telescopic length: 128cm
  • Mop Material: Superfine fiber
  • Drive type: Single drive
  • Mop rod material: stainless steel

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