Rusty Nut Removing Tool

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About This Item:

  • Made from premium steel, it is of high hardness and long durability.
  • Heavy duty nut splitter designed for the safe removal of corroded or damaged nuts without damaging bolt threads.
  • You can use these splitting tools to cut damaged nuts off, then solve the difficult problem of removing.
  • Suitable for splitting and removing rusty broken, damaged, corroded, stuck nuts.
  • Just rotate the nut splitter bolt to work on the target nut. Very easy to use. You may prepare a wrench help you to do this work


Sizes are the diameter of the hole in the nut splitter:
  • 5/16“-1/2” 9 12mm Nut Splitter. Requires 12mm Spanner to tighten.
  • 1/2”-5/8”12 16mm Nut Splitter. Requires 14mm Spanner to tighten.
  • 5/8“-7/8”16 22mm Nut Splitter. Requires 18mm Spanner to tighten.
  • 7/8”-1-1/16“22 27mm Nut Splitter. Requires 21mm Spanner to tighten.
  • 45 # steel hot forged shell, inner core bearing steel

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