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About the Gamepad:

1. What games can I play?

A: Any handle can only support the game of the specified game. The original game is the touch screen version. You can download the game version of the same game from the game hall with the QR code on the handle (the original game login data is not available). Change), support the current hot Tencent online games: CF desert island training, wilderness action, Terminator 2, glorious mission, millet gun battle and other popular chicken games, king glory, Dragon Valley, Contra, every day, all-people shoot , modern warfare, brothers, invincible soldiers, King of Fighters, underground cities and warriors and other popular games.

2. Can Apple support it? Need to pay and jailbreak?

A: This product supports Android and Apple. There is no need to jailbreak. Currently, the game is free.

3. This handle is not easy to use, it is difficult to use

A: There is no bad use, only it will not be used. From the touch screen to the use of the handle, the middle needs to adapt to the process of the handle. For those who are keen on the game, this is definitely not a problem. For Xiaobai, as long as you are willing to learn with humility, this is not a problem. Of course, for too lazy to learn, it is still I can only make a little bit of awkward strokes on the phone.


  • Model: R1
  • Game Machine accessories type: Game console
  • Vibration mode: No vibration
  • Material: ABS
  • Product size: 71*71*41MM
  • Applicable number: 1
  • Video game rating: Entry level
  • Packing list: Host + manual + box
  • Product color: Black

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