Quick Tubeless Tire Repair Tool Set

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  • It can fill up the gap with the inner diameter less than 5 mm without damaging the tire and leaking air.
  • Simply insert the nail into the tire wound to complete simple and efficient tire repair work.
  • It fits closely to the tire, has high connection strength and good sealing performance, prevents water from entering the wound, and prevents the steel belt from rusting and deamination.

  • Easy to operate, easy to install with this tire repair nail, repair the tire by yourself, no need to find an auto repair shop, economical and time-saving.
  • Made of high-quality rubber, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high hardness and high wear resistance.
  • It has a long service life, it can be repaired once, no second repair is required.
  • Widely used, professional puncture repair nails, can be used for automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, buses and agricultural tires.


  • Color: Black
  • Purpose: Tire repair
  • Small size: Can fill up the breach within 0.1 mm-3 mm
  • Large size: Can fill up the breach within 3 mm-5 mm
  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: Large size is about 5.3*11.7 cm, small size is about 6.8*12.7 cm
  • Quantity: 10, 20, 30, and 50.

Packing list:

Tire repair rubber nail set*1


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