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  • Autogirate driver combines a curved shape and a polished metal surface, and is equipped with a cutter head on the top, which allows you to eject from the twelve drill bits included to drive different type and size of screws and perform jewelry and electronic repairs with the fanciest tool at your disposal.
  • The precision drill bit, which is very suitable for working on small electronic devices.

  • Easy to fix and disassemble, with 48 bits attached, one tool for multi-purpose use, suitable for various types and sizes of screws.
  • Rotate the power multi-function screwdriver to release your fingers. There is no need to grasp it effortlessly. When using it, just hold the head, make the head close to the palm, and then use your fingers to rotate the knurled shaft in any direction.
  • Unlike your standard precision screwdriver, though, Autogirate Driver offers the fanciest way to fix jewelry and consumer electronics, it will open up laptops, fix jewelry, and work on all sorts of small fasteners with a whole load of style.


  • Set type: Multi-functional combination set
  • Material: Chrome vanadium
  • Weight: 435g
  • Packing size: 16.5*8.4*3.7cm

Packing list:

Screwdriver set*1

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