Portable Folding Cooling Fan

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About This Item:

  • 7200 mAH built-in battery, lightweight, easy to carry, multi-function application, stretchable height, multiple ways of use as one: countertop + floor + storage integrated fan.

  • Mini-size, 4 adjustable airflows are available by easily pressing the power button. Built-in 7200 mAH battery, fully wireless when used for 5-10 hours, let you enjoy the cool breeze anytime, anywhere. It can be powered by mobile power, computers, and other USB ports.
  • Suitable for all kinds of occasions, such as office, family, kitchen, barbecue party, beach, camping, hiking, tourism, etc., easy to carry. 

  • Four gears design: 1st gear: soft wind, 2nd gear: refreshing wind, 3rd gear: strong wind ,n fan: This folding pedestal stand fan can be Rotated 180°, Rotate to fix the pole and pour it forward. Portable storage can also stretch height, there are three anti-skid pads at the bottom, so the fan is very stable
  • Easy to clean: Turn counterclockwise to turn on cleaning, and the machine body is wiped with a dry cloth. Don't wash it. After the front mesh is left to dry, align the buckle to replace the fan clockwise.

  • Wide Application: It can be placed anywhere and can be clipped. It is best to take it outside when camping, summer festivals and festivals, watching sports, etc. and indoors at the office, library, kitchen, living room and toilet


  • Main material: Aluminum ABS plastic Steel sheet (motor) PP material (fan blade), Working time: About 5-24 hours, Charging time: About 4.5 hours
  • Color: White, Pink.


Name Portable Folding Fan
Material Aluminum ABS plastic Steel sheet (motor)+PP 
Battery type Lithium battery 18650
Battery capacity 3.7V 7200mAh
Product size Closed state: 19.7x19.7x9.3CM
Expanded state: 19.7x19.7x100CM
Working time About 5-24 hours(1st gear: 23h30m 2nd gear: 9h30m 3nd gear: 5h30m)
Charging time <4h30m
Wind mode 1st gear: soft wind
2nd gear: refreshing wind
3rd gear: strong wind
4th gear: natural wind
Charger  5V/2A
Discharge current 1st gear  278MA 2nd gear: 570MA 3rd gear: 970MA
Discharge power 1st gear: 1.3W
2nd gear: 2.8W
3 gear: 4.8W
Discharge speed 1st gear: 1162RPM
2nd gear: 1532RPM
3rd gear: 1864RPM
Wind speed 2.3-4.0m/s
1st gear: 2.3m/s
2nd gear: 3.0m/s
3rd gear: 4.0m/s
Noise decibel 30-40db
Power cord length 1.5m

Instruction for use:
1.In the folded state, pull up at “OPEN” and turn on the fan.

2.After turning on the fan, adjust the angle to 90 degrees vertically, then lock the handle device clockwise to fix the angle.
3.The fan can adjust the wind direction 180 degrees up and down.
4.Click the switch to display the power; double-click the switch to turn on the fan 1, 2, 3 gear is wind speed adjustment, 4 gear is natural wind.
5.The fan can adjust the height, pay attention to lightly pull the light rod during use.
6.Please rotate the handle device counterclockwise to release the fan when storing. When the handle device is in place, the fan can be put away.
7.Hold the fan mask frame with both hands and rotate it counterclockwise to remove the front net. The dust can be cleaned after the front mesh is removed, and the machine body is wiped with a dry cloth. Don't wash the machine body.
8.After the front mesh is dry, align the buckle to replace the fan clockwise

Package Included:
1xPortable Folding Fan
1xUSB cable

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