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About This Item:

  • Pocket printer: Mi Pocket Photo Printer will allow you to print the photos you need, which will stay with you for a while even if the digital version is accidentally lost.
  • The device can be carried with you due to its compactness as it takes up less space than your smartphone.
  • This printer incorporates Zink printing technology, which impregnates the photo paper with a crystalline substance that heats up in the device during printing and becomes amorphous, after which the desired image appears on the photo paper.
  • You can connect the device to phones, tablets, and computers. Moreover, if you urgently need a photo for documents, you can make them without leaving home using this printer.
  • The MiHome application will offer you a large number of templates for printing photos, and among them, you can select photos of the size you need for documents.


  • Material: plastic
  • Package quantity 1
  • Printing Technology: Thermal (ZINK)
  • Print resolution: 313x400 dpi
  • Paper size: 2x3 inches (50mm x 76mm)
  • Print speed: about 45 seconds / page
  • File formats supported :JPEG,PNG
  • AR photos: Supported
  • Multiple Bluetooth connections:   Up to three people

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