Photo Frame Levelling Ruler

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  • Multifunctional wall hanging kit: This picture hanging kit is very suitable for hanging pictures, picture frames, mirrors, clocks, artworks, plates and heights. Easy to use, save time, hang pictures in a few seconds for perfect placement. Suitable for all types of suspension hardware, including wires, frame hook D-rings and keyholes.

  • Mark up perfectly and quickly: Wall Frame Marking Tool Image Tool is a photo finding tool for DIY picture frames. The spirit level built-in vertical and horizontal bubbles ensure that your photos will not be distorted. The perfect mark is on the wall where the nail is to be placed.
  • How to use: Just put the frame or other objects on the hook, find the correct position, press the button to mark the position of the nail, hammer the nail, and then hang it flat. carry out.


  • Model: opp
  • Measuring accuracy: mm
  • Length: 350 (mm)
  • Size: 9*34.5CM
  • Thickness: 1
  • Width: 9

Packing list:
Frame level *1

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