Outdoor Solar LED Insect Trap

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  • Effective Wasp Trap: With double entry tunnels on the trap, which can increase the chance of trapping insects. 
  • Solar Ultraviolet Light: Designed with solar panel and solar-powered battery, charge in the day time and work at night. The UV light generates a warm glow to lure insects. 

  • Easy Installation: Simply add some sugar water or beer as baits, flip the switch on, then hang it on, or place it on flat surface. Easy and convenient to operate. 
  • Reusable& Durable: No chemicals or radiation, extremely economical and environment-friendly wasp control solution for outdoors. Made of durable plastic and will last for unlimited catching.
  • Application: Suitable for outdoor environments such as gardens, orchards, parks, or camping.

How to Use:

1. Turn on the switch and automatically turn on the LED light to attract bees during low light.

2. Can be put in the cup body honey, beer, water and other baits, the better.


  • Size: 9.3*9.3*11.8cm
  • Color: Green, Orange
  • Packing: white box
  • White box size: 10*10*13cm
  • Box gauge: 51.5*41.5*41cm
  • Single with packaging: 141g
  • Single net weight: 94g
  • Battery capacity: 501MAh (inclusive)-800MAh (inclusive)

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