Orthopedic Chair Cushions

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  • Especially suitable for the following people:
  • Suffering from hemorrhoids, People who need soft and breathable cushions.
  • Shape beautiful buttocks.
  • Pregnant women or people suffering from spinal pain: Helps relieve stress.
  • 1.Memory Foam:
  • Soft comfortable & Breathable
  • Good resilience, not easy to deform.
  • 2.Gel:
  • Gel particles cool & absorb heat.
  • Will not feel sultry when sitting, it is cool and refresh, suitable for summer use.


  • Gel refers to a mixture having a particle size between 1 angstrom and 10 angstroms . The material has a constant temperature effect It's about 2-3 degrees lower than the human body in all seasons.
  • The material has the ability to deform slowly, and after the external force press it, it will return slowly to it's original shape. That is to say the material has a viscous and elastic property , absorbs impact kinetic energy , and can be used repeatedly without deformation for a long period of time.




  • Material: memory foam
  • Product Category: Chair cushion
  • Style: modern and simple
  • Pattern: plain
  • Applicable sofa type: single chair
  • Size: 45*35*7CM memory foam, 45*35*7CM gel.

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