Non-Stick Oil Pot Scraper Brush

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  • When cooking at home, the residue left on the bottom of the pot is always difficult to clean up, and it is easy to leave scratches.
  • The scraper at the bottom of the silicone pan and the chassis is made of flexible silicone material, which can quickly clean the bottom of the pan without damaging the pan. , Try it now!
  • This tool is good for cake decoration.
  • Perfect for decorating fondant cake.
  • Help you to smooth cream ,Smoothing cream surface and side.
  • A excellent Pot Scraper tool helping you to finish clean quickly.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: Length: 15.5cm Width: 6.5cm
  • Color: Yellow, White
  • Uses: Suitable for kitchen scraping of food residues such as pans or frying pans.

Package Content
1 x Non-stick oil scraper

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