Non-Slip Silicone Massage Pad

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  • Environment friendly silicone, more soft and more comfortable.
  • While your feet are cleaning, you also enjoy massage.
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  • Elastic silicone small cylinder, massage your feet to soothe your fatigue.
  • 55 suction cups designed for safety and slip resistance. Stick to the wall and massage your back.
  • Made with the finest materials, our lazy bath mat will last for years. You can easily clean it under running water and let it dry naturally.


  • There is a beautiful ring on the top so you can hang it and let it dry.
  • No need to bend - just move your feet back and forth on your hair to massage and rub your feet. Especially recommended for people with problems with hips and back. Cleaning your feet has never been easier!
  • A large amount of clean, long and soft bristles can comfortably clean your feet.
  • For home use. You will find that your family will like it, especially children. It takes a lot of fun to take a shower.
  • Suitable for men who always wear slippers. He can not only massage his feet, but also massage. Our lazy bath massage pads promote circulation and circulation of the feet. Frequent use can produce happiness and health.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: Diameter 28.5CM
  • Style: Round, Floral
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