Multipurpose Beater and Scraper

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  • Stainless Steel  Beater Set Scraper Creamer Household Scraper Baking Tool
  • Kitchen utensils to start everything.
  • The water wiper has changed forever. Now, cleaning the  is easy, does not cause confusion, and feels very satisfying.

  • Quick cleaning: Clean your whisk in just a few seconds. Preserve recipes: save all the food that is usually wasted. Keep the kitchen clean: place your whisk on bowls, counters and shelves-wiper beat.
  • The  container will even drop dripping water. This is a shovel. Also: the unique sweeper wiper design allows you to clean bowls, even bowls with borders.
  • The wiper can be installed tightly in the windshield wiper. The stylish modern design of the wiper adds a modern to any kitchen.


  • Main Material: Stainless steel whisk + PMMA&TPE scraper
  • Weight: 120G

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