Multifunctional Rotating Cable Stripper

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About This Item:

  • Hard and Durable:   Made of high quality ecological plastic material with high hardness, it has good tenacity and no pollution.
  • Sharp and efficient: Metal refining sharp cutter can cut and strip the cable rapidly and efficiently.
  • Unique design: The entire wire stripper is composed of A and B segments. The A end is a stripped cable sheath of the coaxial cable, and the B end is a stripped internal insulation of the coaxial cable.  
  • Portable: The product is small, easy to use, easy to transport and an essential tool for household.
  • Features: All-in-one peeler
    Cable removal is a multifunctional cable stripping and stripping tool, specially designed and precision processed to grasp, fix, pull and remove the jacket with simple, fast and clean actions.
  • Adapt to your different needs:
    Wire removal is ideal for all common round cables, data cables, moisture-proof cables, coaxial cables and other twisted pairs. It matches the wire size to the correct notch on the wire stripper, which is very suitable for multiple purposes, such as electronic repairs, basic home renovation repairs and all other wiring-related items.


  • Full length: 81 (mm)
  • Features: ordinary
  • Shape: round mouth
  • Style: Chinese
  • Pliers handle length: 81 (mm)
  • Stripping diameter: 4 (mm)

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