Multi-Purpose Timed Lock Box

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  • Unique unlocking design: You don't need any complicated operations, just set the unlock time, Set the time to lock any time between 1 minute ~ 999 hours (up to about 41 days). When the set time is reached, the lock box will open automatically.
  • Wide range of applications: If you are a 'delayed' patient, you can do some behavioral corrections with a timed lock. Lock up addictive objects such as cigarettes, drugs, cell phones or snacks. Suitable for kitchens, gyms, schools.
  • Time box effectively control and manage your time
  • Prevent and control mobile phone addiction: Prevent excessive smoking, reasonably control snacks, control children's toys, and manage time for medication time. It is also a piggy bank.
  • Prevent excessive smoking
  • Reasonable control of snacks;
  • Control children's toy
  • Manage medication time
  • Power supply: 2 AAA batteries, which can be replaced by yourself. [Not included]

Product size: Diameter 15cmx height 18cm


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