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  • Made of stainless steel and iron material, magnetic and durable.
  • Multifunctional all in one. Can be stationery ruler, wrench, bottle opener, and drawing guide, etc.
  • It includes two utility modules, a straight ruler with linear perforations, and  a second abstract ruler.
  • Once magnetically attached, the ruler units swing freely in 360 degree around the base, allow create circles and measure arcs, without piercing the paper. 



  • Two common modules, with a second abstract rule that is linearly perforated and has a curved contour, draws a guide, a straight edge set of keys and a bottle opener. These modules can be used separately as proportional or French curve rules, but things get more interesting when you introduce the compass base into the mix.
  • The compass is a sturdy machined stainless steel that can be used not only as a compass but also as a pen holder.
  • It has a hole in the bottom that you can use to set the compass where you need it and allow the rule unit to stick to it. Once magnetically connected, the scale unit swings 360° around the base, allowing you to create a circle and measure the bow almost perfectly, while completing this feat without piercing the paper.
  • Compass-based markers even allow you to measure degrees when drawing circular lines, giving you control and intuition, grouping them into tools that don't change your circle or line, but because of its minimal design, it's enough to improve in an innovative way Craft and reduce confusion.
  • Ideal for designers, artists, architects, journals, mandalist lovers, illustrators, tattoo artists, students and creative professionals


  • Model: 17cm
  • Measuring range: 234 (mm)
  • Material: Metal

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