Mini Electric Portable Heater

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  • Melt in the winter- The winter’s cold doesn’t stand a chance against Airgenix’s power to create a warm atmosphere you’ll always enjoy!
  • Blazing comfort - After a few minutes, Airgenix will achieve room temperature in any place you put it to make you feel right at home!

  • Your portable fireplace- The warmth of the fireplace will follow you around whenever you decide to use Airgenix! Just plug it in and it will light up!
  • Airgenix is the ultimate choice- Experience the warming grace of the summer even in the lowest temperatures! With Airgenix it’s never cold inside


  • Product Name: Electric Hot Air Heater                           
  • Product color: Black and White                    
  • Product material: ABS/PP                      
  • Product weight: about 440g 
  • Temperature Control: 15-32 degrees Celsius 15 degrees for cold air 32 degrees for warm air

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