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  • Our Menstrual Underwear are stretchy, comfortable and protective period proof underwear. The proper way to be protected from leaks, stains and embarrassment!
  • The Menstrual Underwear consists of our 2 layer moisture absorbent technology, which allow you to move freely without feeling any discomfort or experiencing any leakage! The extra wide comfy, inner absorbent lining stretches all the way from the front to the back.
  • These period pants can absorb 20ml of menstrual fluid, which is equivalent to approximately 2 regular tampons, helping keep you ‘Leak Free’ throughout the day or night protecting your clothes and bed sheets.


  • Comfortable menstrual panties for women
  • Soft Seamless Fiber, you will feel comfortable all day.
  • Leak proof  mid-rise underwear, and they are highly absorbent.
  • Soft & Smooth.


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