Memory Foam Knee Support Pillow

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  • Material: Advanced high-density memory foam, Made of high-quality durable memory foam, can maintain comfort for a long time, better than other pillows, will not become flat over time.
  • Relieve Pain: Use the right method to relieve pain in the back, hips, knees and ankles. Just put between the thighs or below the knees to help with your specific pain.
  • Memory Foam with Ventilation Holes: it can promote air circulation throughout the night. Temperature-adjusting foam technology pushes heat away from the body to prevent you from feeling overheated.
  • Leg Pillow: The ergonomic contour allows your legs, hips and spine to maintain optimal alignment and improve blood circulation during sleep.
  • Convenient and Practical: It can be used as a knee spacer during pregnancy or after recovery. This memory cotton knee pillow has a washable cover for easy cleaning.


  • Size: 25*15.5*23cm
  • Material: 100% slow rebound latex
  • Color: White, Blue 



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