Magnetic data cable

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About This Item:

  • This data cable uses a thick PVC cable body, which is resistant to bending, anti-winding, and difficult to break.
  • Built-in smart chip, self-adaptive device, intelligently adjusts the current required by the device, fast charging does not hurt the machine, is stable and reliable, protects the safety of charging, and also extends the life of the mobile phone battery.
  • Inside, a thick tinned copper wire core is used, with aluminum foil + ground wire + PVC external multiple shielding, strong anti-interference, and ensure stable transmission.
  • Lightning-type transmission speed guarantees a fast experience whether it is charging or transferring files, saving time and power. In addition, this Type-C data cable is also widely compatible with various Type-C equipment.


  • Connector Type: TYPE- C / Micro USD / Lightning
  • Surface Material: PVC
  • Length: 0.9m & 1.8m
  • Number of Connectors: Single head
  • Color: Black, White
  • Function: Fast Charge, Data Transfer

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