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About This Item:

Do you want to experience cleaning at the same time having fun? This Magic Slime Cleaner is perfect for you!
  • Very effective at removing 99.99% of harmful particles that live on everyday-use surfaces. 
  • Absorbs dirt and dust in hard-to-reach areas, improve the performance of your keyboards and high-tech equipment.

  • Aside from cleaning keyboards, you can also use this slime cleaner for any items that you could think of! You can use it to clean your car's dashboard, air vents, remote and more.
  • The Magic cleaning gel artifact, cleans every corner of the gap can be cleaned at any time.

  • Cleaning the keyboard, cleaning the remote control, cleaning the mouse, cleaning the car, cleaning the monitor, cleaning the razor, cleaning the vents, and many other scenarios are available.

  • With one pull and one press, dust and debris are taken away immediately, which is an essential cleaning tool for work and life.

  • The cleaning gel can penetrate into the gaps of the keyboard to absorb dust and bacteria, and absorb debris that is difficult to wipe.

  • Reusable Gel cleaner: After use, the gel can be directly put back into the bag. The bag is provided with a sealing strip, which has good restore ability and can be reused.

  • This gel is made of water, guar gum and other materials. It is environmentally friendly and healthy. It emits plant fragrance, rapid sterilization, and is environmentally friendly and healthy.

  • Suitable for cleaning and wiping most digital screens and surfaces such as laptops, keyboards, calculators, etc.

  • Adopt the balance ratio of polymer raw materials and moisture to maintain high elasticity and not stick to hands.


  • Colors: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green.
  • Size: 11.8cm*11.7cm
  • Material: Disinfectant, preservative, boric acid
  • Feature: Clean up the computer keyboard and other raised items

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