Laser Levelling Tool

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About This Item:

  • High brightness green, indoor and outdoor are clearly visible.
  • Indoor and outdoor use, long projection distance, high laser height, clear lines, visible in sunlight.
  • Precise measurement, more convenient to use.
  • 4/8/16 line is adjustable, suitable for different occasions to meet different engineering needs. 4D soft rubber coating, crash resistance and anti-knock.
  • Waterproof and dustproof, multiple protection, longer service life in harsh environment.
  • Large capacity battery, longer battery life.
  • 3D 12-line irradiation, no dead angle 360 °.
  • ± 4 ° automatic self-leveling function. An audible warning is issued when the automatic leveling range is exceeded.
  • 360 ° self-leveling function.
  • 360 ° rotating base, with fine adjustment knob, can quickly identify the target. Thick metal base provides stable support, and is shock-proof and drop-proof;


  • Model: 16 line orange level meter
  • Type: Rotating laser level
  • Laser wavelength: 505 (nm)
  • Accuracy: 5m+-1m
  • Power supply: charging

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