Invisible Waterproofing Agent

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 About This Item:

  • Roof Leakage Protection: Waterproof agents, easily solve the problem of water leakage. Clean the foundation surface before building to keep the foundation surface dry and dry.
  • Effective Waterproof: This rubber sealer is your quick and easy way to apply, seal, protect and prevent leakage! After drying, you can apply any color.
  • High Temperature and Low-Temperature Resistance: This powerful spray sealant will not sag or drip at high temperatures in summer. Do not crack or itch in cold winter.

  • Long Form: With fast-drying ingredients for light plastering, repairing, and sealing. A powerful solution with long-lasting results. The waterproof layer can be formed in 24-48 hours, and the waterproof layer will become stronger over time.
  • Multiple Uses: Water seepage through cracks; Leakage of windowsills; Leakage of water in the toilet; Wall seepage; Roof seepage; Outside wall seepage.


  • Paint film color: transparent
  • Liquid type: solvent type
  • Use range: waterproof
  • Liquid type: agent

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