Infinite Dodecahedron Color Art Light

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  • Infinite Dodecahedron uses the unique properties of light to give the viewer the feeling of gazing into the endless abyss of geometry and color.
  • It uses a 12-sided frame, a plastic and acrylic shell, a customized glass mirror and a customized printed circuit board with the highest density. There are nearly a thousand LEDs, which can display colorful shining lighting patterns and animations.
  • Infinite Dodecahedron Color Art Light can be fully controlled by the switch, we will give you a USB cable to charge
  • We used it in festive yoga tents, background lights for musicians, sacred spaces for meditation, and our own bell tents and it looked great. If you have a large and spacious house, then this will be your best choice.


  • Light source type: LED light.
  • Shade material: Acrylic and plastic.
  • Switch type: USB.
  • Style: Light luxury.


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