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DISCRETE ELEVATED SHOE INSOLES – This shoe lift kit is designed to provide 1.18 to 2.75 inches of lift with cushioned layers that support your insole, arch, heel, and step for all-day comfort and relaxed confidence.
VERSATILE ADULT SUPPORT – Crafted with the highest-quality materials, our shoe lifts support shoe sizes 4.5US to 9US and can be cut to fit your specific shoe size or type.
DUAL-LAYER COMFORT – Offering better heel shock-resistance thanks to a smart air cushion design, each lift for shoes supports the arch to the ball of your foot while adding height so you can maintain a natural presence.
BREATHABLE, ANTIMICROBIAL FABRIC – Designed to better circulate air and prevent moisture buildup, our odor-resistant shoe lifts for women and men offer cool, relaxed comfort when you’re in the car, walking, or on the go.


  • PVC material
  • 1 floor height 3 cm 220 g
  • 2 layers 5 cm 320 g
  • 3 layers 7 cm 420 g
  • 4 layers 9 cm 520 g
  • 27 cm in length

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