HB5 External Universal Mobile Phone Lens

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About This Item:

Lens features:
  • The wide-angle lens has a large viewing angle and a wide field of view. The depth of field is long, and it can show a considerable range of clarity.
  • The shooting range is wider than the original, shooting landscapes, urban buildings and large-scale photography, gatherings and family photos, all have good results. .

  • The first step: Align the back thread of the lens with the metal part of the telephoto special mobile phone clip, rotate and tighten it to stabilize the lens.
  • The second step: Separate the lens holder of the telephoto special mobile phone with the lens installed, and separate the black gasket from the back of the lens to the usable width of the phone, so that the clip can be firmly fixed on the phone.
  • Third step: After the lens is fixed on the mobile phone, it is necessary to manually adjust the focus of the lens and the mobile phone to effectively ensure the imaging quality in order to take a satisfactory photo. (Note: This step requires pro patience!)


  • Model: APL-HB5 series single lens, APL-22X105-4IN1
  • Applicable Models: Most smart phones
  • Style: APL-HB110 wide angle, APL-HB170 ultra wide angle, APL-HB195 fisheye, APL-HB2X distance increase
  • 22x telephoto
  • Material: glass optics + aluminum alloy metal mirror body

Package Contents:
1 x 22 times telescope lens
1x wide-angle macro 2-in-1 lens
1 x198° fisheye lens
1 x lens clip
1 x silver tripod
1 x word folder
1 x cleaning cloth
1 x cloth bag
1 x manual

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