Hanging Transparent Glass Vase

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  • You can hang the glass vase in the bedroom, living room, or place it on your coffee table.
  • It will be more beautiful and eye-catching if you put some cobbles into it.
  • It helps beautify and purify your house or office, a good decoration for you.
  • You can send it to you friends as a practical present.
  • It can meet the acid-base resistance and corrosion-resistance
  • It features a fine thermostability, the temperature can be -20'C to 150'


  • Material: High Borosilicate Glass
  • Style: Pastoral
  • Modeling: Geometry
  • Style:  Peach heart 8*11, Diamond 9*10, Flat 9*13, Grape 6*12, Onion 8.5*12, Bird 9*6, Diamond 10*14, Sharp cone 4.5* 20, Slender water drop 4.5*21.5, Olive 8*18

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