Handheld Automatic Digital Welding Machine

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  • Digital thrust anti-stick design, can arc instantly, will not stick to the electrode.
  • Suitable for the 2.5, 3.2mm electrode, it can works continuously, with high efficiency.
  • With the current and thrust adjustment knob, you can adjustable the current and thrust through this knob.
  • With high efficiency cooling system, can ensure long time of work, prolong the service life of the machine.
  • This machine is small in size and easy to carry, you can take it to work aloft or to anywhere you want.


  • Work Form: Electric welding
  • Welding Method: Drawn arc
  • Current: AC
  • Style: Handheld
  • Input voltage: 220 (V)
  • Dimensions: 24*23*8CM
  • Application: Welding stainless steel/alloy steel/carbon steel/cast iron
  • Set: 2 meter wire for handheld welding machine, 5 meter wire for handheld welding machine

Packing list:
Stainless steel welding x1


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