Fishing Line Spooler (Fishing Rod not included)

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About This Item:

  • This Fish Line Spooler can accept up to 6.5cm of the thickness of spool,When you put more spools, please adjust part 20 and 21 to make sure the stabilization .
  • High strength graphite frame, can be easily disassembled; Easy taking and more convenient .


  • Suitable for both spinning reels and baitcasting reels .
  • You may have hands of stones and find trouble doing simple things like putting line on a reel. You may be very tired of doing it by hand which from experience it tangles, line slips loose, etc. NO more stones, tangles, line slips or loose with Line Spooler! It can keep   the line in the spool to your reel professionally! Once you get everything set up reel in the line and it keeps everything tight.
  • If you do a lot of fishing and are constantly needing to spool your reels with fresh line then this is the product for you, NO more holding the line with a long screw driver or having to ask someone else for help. Now you can do it all yourself quickly and easily and NO more knots or mess of line all over the place!
  • Only sell wire only the tangles are sold. The fishing line fishing rods in the picture are for display only.


  • Size: Length 18 cm * width 12.3 cm * height 8 cm
  • Material: PVC

Package Contains:

1 x Fishing Line Spooler (Rod and Reel not included)


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